S’more Variations: 7 Amazing Twists on a Camp Classic

Now that you’ve mastered the art of making s’mores at home, it’s time to put a spin on this classic campfire creation. Now, let’s explore some modifications you can make to your s’mores to cater to your taste buds. Try out and master these tasty s’more variations through this guide.

Traditional S’mores

These classic camp treats are best for enjoying a sweet, chocolatey desert. This treat is usually eaten at camp around a bonfire.

S’mores and Chip

Chocolate chip cookie s'more variations
One of the more popular s’more variations!

The same thing as traditional s’mores, but instead of graham crackers, use chocolate chip cookies for a homey, crumbly experience.

Fruity Delight

Add a fruit of your choice! Chocolate is now optional.


Open up an Oreo cookie and use both sides as substitutes for graham crackers.

Cinnamon Crunch

Picture of Cinnamon Crunch S’mores by Zardyplants

Substitute the normal graham crackers for cinnamon graham crackers, and add an optional cinnamon syrup for a stronger cinnamon taste!


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Try these pretzel s’mores by substituting the graham crackers for pretzels! Warning: Be careful that you don’t push to hard with the pretzels because the marshmallow will come out through the holes, and it will get pretty messy :).

Cookies & Cream S’mores

These are cookies & cream s’mores. These are made with cookies & cream chocolates instead of plain chocolate. The s’mores above are made with biscuits, and not the traditional graham crackers. You can use biscuits, Oreos, or graham crackers for these s’mores!

Black Forest S’mores

A black forest cake
This is among the most unique s’more variations.

This special variant combines the classic black forest cake with the modern camp treat, s’mores. To make this s’more, use chocolate graham crackers instead of regular graham crackers. Next, add a bit of cherry pie filling, as we all know that cherry adds a nice, sweet flavor to chocolate dessert :). Next, add a dark chocolate piece instead of the normal milk chocolate. Then, add whipped cream (make sure not to spread it too much). Finally, add your marshmallow to the treat, and your black forest s’more is ready!

And that concludes our article about s’more variations. Try them out! We’re sure you will have a great time making these and eating them as well! Thank you for reading our article, S’more Variations: Adding new, Sweet Tastes to Your Dictionary!

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