Things to Do in Puna and Mauna Kea (Big Island Guide Day 5)

Arguably the most overlooked location of the Big Island is Puna; covered in thick forests and old lava flows, at first glance it may pose an unappealing sight; this is one of the most hippie spots I’ve ever been to, and many establishments are abandoned. But visiting the east of the Big Island will provide you with an experience like no other; the beaches are the most beautiful on the island, with black sand beaches and hidden recreation centers wherever you look. The fruit is abundant in the lush rainforests.

And on the way back from Puna, a stop you can’t miss is Mauna Kea, the world’s tallest mountain (yes, even taller than Everest, when measured from seafloor). This icon of the Big Island is only a few hours’ drive away.

Just to the east of Volcanoes National Park is Puna. From there, one can drive from the edge of the Island almost until Hilo; from there, head west on the highway crosscutting the Island to reach the access point.

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